I'm a vegetarian, I had some fish for dinner. Is this breaking the "code"?

Answer I'm sorry, but considering that vegetarians are (quite specifically) people who do not eat dead animals, eating fish would would be "not being a vegetarian."

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Steak Dinner Fish Dinner Chicken Dinner Or Vegetarian Dinner Which would you prefer better?

Medium rare Fillet Mignon seasoned with sea salt and pepper...with al dente asparagus and seasoned rice.. and of course, red wine ;)

Have dinner in non-vegetarian restaurant but eat vegetarian/vegan food only?

of course? a homie gots to eat. If I were to not eat at a place because they also serve meat, people would think im a crazy extremist. I don't have the time to always make my food and there is very... Read More »

If i order battered sausage from a fish and chip shop, can i claim to have had fish and chips for dinner?

dont be sillyyou didnt have fishyou had sausagein future just say you ate from the chippy

Can a vegetarian eat the eggs from a fish, if the fish is unharmed?