I'm a vampire, I can't use my iPhone due to my body temperature, what can I do Please help!! Urgent!!!?

Answer this happens to me all the time. what you do is take 5 matches, 2 sheets of paper, and duct tape. ok so first you light the first match and lets your fingers burn for maybe 10 minutes or so. then i... Read More »

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URGENT URGENT! How do you export videos from your computer to an iPhone 3GS?

You will actually have to convert the video to the iphone format (m4v) then once converted, drag it to your itunes library. Use Handbrake for fast, free conversions.

If a baby breaks out in a cold sweat and drops in body temperature what temperature is too low?

URGENT, I dropped my iPhone 4 in water?

Put it in a bowl of dry rice. The rice should absorb the water.

How do you remove an iPhone which has become stuck in one's throat URGENT?