I'm a skinny 13 year old, but when I sit down,?

Answer please dont worry hon. The reason your thighs and stomach look larger when you sit down, is because the muscles in your legs and tummy are relaxed, and therefore when muscles are relaxed they sprea... Read More »

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Is 99 pounds too skinny for a 14 year old?

How can a skinny 13 year old boy get a 6 pack abs?

25-100pushups ( You should be able to with your weight) No offense25-100situps25-100squatsDrink Mass Gainers, but you have to workout so hard your muscles feel like they are twitching to high Heave... Read More »

What's the skinny weight for a 13 year old girl 5,6?

How can you bulk up if you are a skinny 11-year-old boy who is 5' and weighs 80 lbs?

AnswerYou see people who are not very big ALL the time, Some people will never get big, some stay small until they are about 20yrs, and then grow like crazy, I would suggest you do not pay attensio... Read More »