I'm a nurse, "Have you had your bowels open today "?

Answer You don't look like a nurse..Get out of my house and take your bedpan with you!

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Is it bad to block your bowels?

Yes this is bad for you.It can lead to constipation.It can lead to fecal incontinence.Fecal retention is a disease - normally of childhood - with severe health consequences.

Is it normal to still have pain when you open your mouth to eat and be unable to open your mouth fully 2 weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It can be normal. It's sometimes quite a surgery. If you are having any concerns, call you doctor. If it isn't getting better at all or starts to get worse, call your doctor. But some ac... Read More »

How to Empty Your Bowels Fast?

The bowels (or intestines) carry out an important function for the body. The bowels filter out waste and other harmful materials. The colon then eliminates the accumulated fecal matter from the bod... Read More »

You are thirty four weeks and you lost your mucous plug a week ago today and you went to the doctor today and you are one cm and seventy percent effaced How much longer do you have?

the were treated bad they were bearly feed and some got some really bad dieases that killed them and the rest of them and because of that they killed the children so the disease wouldn't spread to ... Read More »