Im a huge gum chewer, is this affecting my health 10 pts?

Answer what kind of gum are you chewing? I have honestly never heard about anything like this. There are chewing gums to SUPRESS cough, but to invoke it? You probably just caught cold or something. Chewin... Read More »

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What Are Three Ways Global Warming Is Affecting Our Health?

Global warming is largely accepted as a very real threat to mankind, thanks to the International Panel on Climate Change's 2007 report and the Stern report a year earlier. Both highlight the impact... Read More »

Health wise, is there a huge difference between being Vegetarian and being Vegan?

To Cliff. just saying that Vitamin B12 comes from bacteria not animals. It only exists so much in meat because of how unclean it is. It can certainly be found it vegetables that aren't washed prope... Read More »

Is the popular Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement beneficial for improved health OR just a huge waste of money?

my son and wife used to use something similar. they had leg cramps. it worked. i commonly take a calcium citrate with vitamin D. i don,t get a lot of dairy. i have no leg cramps, so have no magnesi... Read More »

Who is the oil spill affecting?

In one way or another; every single human being on the planet Earth. The oil spill in Louisiana is one of the worst environmental disasters in the history of the human race and will effect everyone... Read More »