Im a huge gum chewer, is this affecting my health 10 pts?

Answer what kind of gum are you chewing? I have honestly never heard about anything like this. There are chewing gums to SUPRESS cough, but to invoke it? You probably just caught cold or something. Chewin... Read More »

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What Are Three Ways Global Warming Is Affecting Our Health?

Global warming is largely accepted as a very real threat to mankind, thanks to the International Panel on Climate Change's 2007 report and the Stern report a year earlier. Both highlight the impact... Read More »

Help ! I have this huge bruise and i can't seem to get rid of do you know any home remedies i can use for this?

I have a problem with swelling huge tooth sensitivity ever since my filling this tuesday...what could this be?

could be a few things but its likely that it wasn't just a cavity. the tooth decay spread through and down the tooth and started to balloon out the end causing the swelling. this means you will nee... Read More »

Do I have a mental issue, this is affecting my life?

I'm going to give you a couple of ideas here. Number one, the people who have been burned have suffered horrifically and being afraid of them is a deflection of the fact that you are afraid of it ... Read More »