I'm a high school senior and I don't know how to pay for college?

Answer Yoss:The absolute best introduction to the entire "world" of financial aid is a US Department of Education booklet called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid". T... Read More »

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If you are a senior in high school and have no idea how to even start college?

Thats a shame, counselors are supposed to be there for you during this. I don't have expertise on getting into college, but I do know how to pay for it. Financial aid is the overall, general term f... Read More »

You finished high school at the college of eastern Utah the last half of your senior year on a rodeo scholarship and never got a copy of your high school diploma so how do you get a copy of my diploma?

Spelman CollegeAtlanta, Georgia Annual Cost (Fall 2009) Room and board: $10,062 For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Bo... Read More »

What Do High School Graduates Need to Know for College or Work?

High school is designed to prepare students to either enter the workforce or a form of higher education. While some jobs require college degrees, others do not. If you want to go to a four-year uni... Read More »

scared about college dont know if illl get in i failed college the first time and now i want to go bk?

Financial aid is largely based on financial need, not grades. Also, don't let your worries about being admitted keep you from applying. You undoubtedly learned a lot from your first try at college ... Read More »