I'm a girl and my throat hurts and my voice feels deep it hurts when I talk please HELP!!!?

Answer Tight neck muscles will press into your throat with enough pressure to trap your tongue muscle there to make it hard and painful to swallow, your sore throat. When the muscles going to your larynx... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if all day your stomach feels so empty it hurts and has this feeling all the way into your throat like if you made yourself burp bile would come out feeling lazy loss appetite?

Answer Could be a number of things such as an ulcer or could be pregnancy. Best to check with your Dr or local health dept.

I blew my nose and it hurts a lot. It feels like something inflated?

The pain after blowing your nose could be due to rapid flux of air around your sinuses. You can stop this pain, by closing your eyes, taking some rest and avoid blowing your nose so hard.

Just below my stomach it really hurts, feels like it's a balloon blowing up what can i do?

My chest hurts when I breath deeply, but it feels like is my heart?

I have this all the time.It comes and goes as it pleases.I would say to just contact your doctor and fill him/her in with your problem.I haven't gotten it checked out because I think it might just ... Read More »