I'm a girl @ 5'1. how much should i weigh?

Answer 110ish

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How much should a girl 5'8 weigh?

Anywhere between 140 and 160 pounds (:

How much should a 14 yr old girl who is 5' 4" weigh?

it depends on your bone structure small frame should weigh-114-127 (51-58kg)medium frame-124-138 (56-63kg)large frame-134-151 (60-69kg)hope this helped :)

How Much Should A 5'6 Girl Weigh?

in general:lightest: 120medium: 140heaviest: 160but if you are above or below, it's not always because you're unhealthy, you might just be built like that. but usually cuz you're under/over weight.

How much should a 4'5 girl weigh?