I'm a formerly blind head wound victim (gunshots). I'm experiencing vision problems.?

Answer Maybe you should take another bus trip to town.

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What if your evaluation reveals that the victim is experiencing shortness of breath and you hear hissing from the chest you suspect the victim is suffering from?

punctured lung. the hissin is the air in the lungz goin down like air goin out of a balloon

What position do you put a victim in with a abdominal wound?

Is it possible to surgically implant another eye in the blind spot areas, 360 vision?

When you hear about eye transplants, they are talking about cornea's only. There are some experimental surgery that implants a computer chip in the eye to improve problems with the retina. Since ... Read More »

Where do they implant these new Bionic eyes (that restore some Vision) in blind people in the USA?

the bionic eye consists of a camera mounted on a pair of glasses. The digital camera is constantly taking pictures and wirelessly sending them to an array of electrodes implanted on the retina. Eac... Read More »