I'm a bit of a computer dummy and don't know how to fix this. HELP?

Answer Actually, your best bet is to do a system restore to before the date you installed smiley central. The reason why is smiley central installs spyware called My Web Search. It screws up everything!!!... Read More »

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Computer know it alls- please help, this is very simple, but I don't know how to do it!!!!! Help!?

You need to go out and buy a usb mutiple adapter that has four or more plugins you can get these at a local retailer such as target, walmart, office max, office depot.

Please Help me.I dont know how to explain this to my parents.?

You do not mention having fevers, weight loss, weakness, or night sweats so you are missing typical symptoms of cancer. Seventeen year olds do not get anal cancer. Most likely you have piles or hem... Read More »

Help with this song!! i dont know what it is called?

My computer screen pic is HUGE and I dont know how to get it back to normal. Can someone please help?

If your wallpaper "seems" to move around when you move your mouse, it sounds like the "magnifier" is on.To check, click the "Windows logo" key + U.To read more about it, click the link below:http:/... Read More »