I'm a Vegetarian and I've been prescribed soft gelatin capsules.?

Answer Ask for a tablet.If there isn't one:take the capsule, if vegetarianism isn't important to youdon't take it, if vegetarianism is important to youIt's that simple.Um. How does ingesting the vitamin-e... Read More »

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How many gelatin capsules should I take for strong nails?

On One Hand: Gelatin is SafeGelatin is hydrolyzed collagen, a type of protein obtained by processing animal tissues such as cartilage, bones and skin. Gelatin capsules add small amounts of protein ... Read More »

Does the gelatin in Natures way capsules contain animal products?

Gelatin comes from animals and that is the only source for it, so if something says it has gelatin then it must contain animal products. There are substitutes for gelatin that are plant-based, but ... Read More »

Gelatin capsules color are ozone free?

Hithis isn't a vegetarian or vegan question try a different category for a better answer :-)Have a nice day :-)

Do you actually digest the gelatin shells of softshell capsules?

You can digest the gelatin coating that pharmaceutical companies use as the outer shell of some pills. Soft shell pills usually contain liquids and oils. Your body easily digests the gelatin.Source... Read More »