I'm a 47 year old virgin. Do I still have to wait till I'm married?

Answer Well im not waiting for marriage.i'm waiting for whenever i'm positive i'm ready , and i know it'll be special. even if it's not someone i wanna marry, it can be someone i really like that's a good... Read More »

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I need a better computer.i have a chance to get an emachine are they good or should i wait till the summer wha?

Get a HP desktop. With a 4200+ or better dual core processor , at least 1GB of ram , 200GB+ hard drive. You can then decide what videocard you want if you game if not the integrated card it comes w... Read More »

How long do you have to wait to get married after a divorce in georgia?

While few states have waiting periods from 30 days to six months, there is no requirement to wait for a certain length of time before remarrying in Georgia. According to the law, people can marry a... Read More »

Are you still a virgin when you have masturbated?

If a virgin has IVF treatment and gets pregnant is she still a virgin?