I'm a 21 yr old female - should i be allowed to wear dungarees?

Answer of course! dungarees can look sexy

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Why female are allowed to join the army?

Because those women who were brave wants to join.But,war isn't the solution to problems.

When were female students allowed to be counted toward enrollment in junior ROTC units?

They are not the same. There is no such university as London School of Business - there is only London Business School, which is one of the best business schools in the world and it is a constitue... Read More »

I am not allowed to wear makeup... what should I do?

Don't wear it. If God wanted you to wear it, he would have put it on you when you were created.

Should men be allowed to wear makeup ?

Hmmmmm.........wearing makeup has nothing to do with your sexuality. It's a little worrying that you are connecting the two.And: no-one needs to be ALLOWED to wear makeup - it's a choice. Who on... Read More »