I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 How can I safely increase my height?

Answer I am sorry, but there are few safe and effective ways to do this. Your height is pretty much something you have to learn to accept about yourself. Carrying a backpack or using ankle weights won't r... Read More »

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Im a height is 5.6' can i increase my height upto 5.10'/5.11'?

Try the following:Making your bones get longer may not be an option, however the ligaments that connect the bones together, along with the tendons and other tissue, can be worked on as they may not... Read More »

My height is 179cm or 5feet 10 n half inches. is my height abnormalwhat is standerd height of a male human?

In the US you'd be considered right about average - the average American male is five feet nine inches. I don't know about Indian males and how height can benefit you there.

How much should a 13 year old girl weigh at the height of 5' 2"?

It's very good that you want to gain weight healthily. To do so, start by counting calories. Figure out how many you currently eat everyday and add 500-600 to that. Aim to eat that many calories a ... Read More »

What is the average height for an 11-year-old girl?

The average height of an 11 year old girl is: 5 feet 0 inches I am 5 feet 4 inches and a half Lots of boys seem short at this age - they're not. You're tall. Girls hit puberty earlier as you might... Read More »