I'm Skinny & Fat, At the Same Time! What Should I Do?

Answer The only thing you can do is try to work out your mid section. Try doing crunches, when you just wake up, or just before bed. Also, you could reduce the amount of calories you intake, and that woul... Read More »

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Max time for strength training should it be the same max time as doing cardio?

theres no max or minimum time. when you train, you have to consider the time it takes to unrack the weight, do the exercise, rest, and rerack the weight. dont train for a certain amount of time. tr... Read More »

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Should I Feed My Existing Dog and New Puppy at the Same Time?

The name "solitaire" refers to any one of a number of card games requiring only one player. Computers in 2010 frequently come loaded with as many as three different versions of the game, including ... Read More »

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