I'm PETRIFIED of getting my ears pierced tomorrow. How much pain will I suffer?

Answer It feels like someone has punched your earlobe, its not immense pain but yes it does hurt. The punching feeling numbs the area so you can't really feel the needle.

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How much does getting your ears pierced hurt?

2, it hurts almost nothing! What hurts a lot is when you're sleeping if you sleep on the side of the hear that got pierced but if you sleep on the other side you won't even feel it! So don't worry,... Read More »

Help with getting my ears pierced?

They won't fall out, when I first got mine done the backs were very tight and secure. If they do fall out I'd be very surprised! Also I think the chlorine might help them in a way! Have fun swimmin... Read More »

How to Enjoy Getting Your Ears Pierced?

Read this article so you can learn to make the most and enjoy getting your ears pierced, to make it a memorable and exciting moment follow the steps below.

How to Have Fun Getting Your Ears Pierced?

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