Im Going To Start Lifting Weights, And I Need Tips On Starting?

Answer In Your Opinion What Is A Good Weight To Start With For Using Dumbbells? ~This Depends on what You can Lift! LMAOStart with about 10 or 15lbs. See how that Feels. If it Feels too Light , Start with... Read More »

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Should i loose fat before i start lifting weights again?

Oh no... I got 3 stress fractures in my lumbar spine and I am almost pain free so I started lifting wieghts and even though I gained wieght while on break I feel like I have started to drop a few p... Read More »

How young can a boy start lifting weights safely?

On One Hand: Strength-Training Is HealthyChildren as young as 8 can begin certain strength-training exercises such as push-ups, according to Kids Health. Once he learns proper techniques, a boy can... Read More »

How do you know when you've got a burn when lifting weights?

usually a burn will come during the last final set of an exercisean usually when u just did a heavy setthen u quickly do something called a drop set. an u lift a light weight right away to exhaust ... Read More »

Can you get hemorrhoids from lifting weights?

On One Hand: Heavy Lifting Can Cause HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are caused by excessive strain on the veins in or around the anus. The strain on the veins can be caused by constipation, pressure or ho... Read More »