I'm Concerned on Facebook?

Answer That "famous person" is likely not. Most celebrities with facebook (especially women) have others post to their facebook. There are no personal requests for pictures of their followers, etc. Unfort... Read More »

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Are you as concerned as I am?

yes absolutely its just another invitation for sicko's. Good question!

Should I be concerned?

Get back to our country and see a doc, sounds like maybe Mono, but could be any number of things from a simple allergy to something more severe.

Fell and hit my head...should I be concerned?

Yes you should be concerned. Never take a head injury lightly if the pain does not subside after taking OCT pain meds. call your doctor immediately.

Why did my ipod freeze and should i be concerned?

No...mine does it all the time. Annoying though, seen as I spent £230 on it only 4 months ago! The best way to un-freeze it is hold the menu button and the centre button down together for about 6 ... Read More »