Im Buying... What drink are you all having?

Answer I want a Belvedere gimlet with soda and grenadine and lots of cherries on top. Hehehe. I don't know what you would call that. It's my own favorite drink though. If that's too hard, then I'll ju... Read More »

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What should you eat or drink after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled if you haven't had anything to eat or drink in almost 24 hours?

Answer Well, within the first 24 hours, while you are packing the sides of your face with ice, it doesn't hurt to have a milkshake or soft serve ice cream, but you MUST eat with a spoon, do NOT use... Read More »

Anyone having a drink tonight what's you're favourite alcoholic drink?

What would be the cost of buying and having a DVD burner installed in my computer?

What are you having to drink now?