I'm 8 and my brother is fourteen he is mean what should I do?

Answer Tell your parents.

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What does it mean when a boyfriend calls his girlfriend's brother his brother in law?

The plural form of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law". Awkwardly enough, the plural possessive of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law's".Consider these examples:I have four brothers-in-law.Anne... Read More »

I have had enough of my brother He is 6 years younger than me he seals my stuff and is always mean he gets on my nerves What should I do?

well, depending on how old you are, you should tell him nicely everytime he steals your stuff or gets on your nerves to please stop, or you should go to another room--if he doesnt listen to you, th... Read More »

Should you have your baby at fourteen?

Answer Only if you are pregnant at the timeCertainly don't go out and get pregnant deliberately.

How should you handle a baby at fourteen years old?

AnswerHmm... by being there for your baby. Feed them, rock them, play with them, smile, love them, change their diapers, being gental ect. Taking care of a baby is a huge resposibility.... plus you... Read More »