I'm 5'8 and 14years old am I too tall?

Answer .girls usually stop growing around 16 - 18 and guys around 19 - 20 ... sounds like you will be quite tall. But theirs nothing u can do about it..might as well look at the positives...u will be able... Read More »

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14years old and needs help..<3?

You can start at any age but I would recommend staying away from sexual activity for awhile. But at least you are being careful and want to get on the pill so you don't end up getting pregnant. Hop... Read More »

How tall is tall for a 7 year old girl?

There is no fixed rate for growth, a child is a child. Some are tall and some are small. Personally i was 5 foot 1" when i left school at 15 i am now 6 foot and 44. Growth patterns have many facto... Read More »

If a 15 year old boy is 5' 4 tall how tall will he be when is an adult?

He will be 5'11 or at lease 6'0 remember you can still grow so if your 5'4 at 15 you will still grow to at lease 5'11 or at lease 6'0

How tall are classic tall UGGs?

Made from genuine twin-face sheepskin and imported from Australia, the women’s classic tall UGG® boot shaft stands approximately 11 ¾ inches tall and has an approximate opening of 14 inches.Ref... Read More »