I'm 5'4 and weight about 120, is the water only diet and okay one for me ?

Answer no- in fact the water only diet isn't healthy for anyone, but you are already the correct weight so it would be especially silly for you

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Can you lose weight just by diet only?

Exercise is needed to tone so the skin isn't flabby, exercises also help you lose faster

Is it okay to replace only the bottom elements in a hot water heater?

It's fine.There is no reason to replace a functional piece of equipment.It's a shame that you couldn't do the work yourself as you would have saved yourself at least $130.Why don't you use the spel... Read More »

Will the water diet help me lose weight?

On One Hand: There Are BenefitsThe water diet is quite simple, notes the Institute for Psychoactive Research: Drink 64 ounces (half a gallon) of water every day, and the biological process of heati... Read More »

I'm on a strict weight loss regimen. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase diet water?

My friend, would I let you down?Don't spread it around but the best water comes from Spain. It's very rare due to the drought conditions but when you do find it it has unusual and beneficial proper... Read More »