Im 5"4" I weigh 97 lbs. is that over weight?

Answer you are an idiot.

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Im 13 and I weigh 122 lbs. and im 5foot. Am i over weight?

No. You're not. You can look at all these websites and they'll all tell you different things. One website told me I should be 149 pounds and I was 5'5" at the time. Another told me I should be ... Read More »

I am a girl,im 13 years old,and i weigh 130lbs,i am also 5'8 am i over weight?

No, you are fine, your Body Mass Index about 20 which is ok.

Has my friend gained weight over the last several months and if so what does she weigh now shes 5ft 3in tall?

Well I'd say she's about 120 in the first pics and maybe 125-130 in the other pics.You know you don't have to lie on here and say its your friend we all know its you you look fine by the way, if yo... Read More »

My friend is 18 and ways 400 pound please tell me if that over weigh?

Yes, he is considered MORBIDLY OBESE. And if you want him to live past his 20th birthday you need to convince him to get a gastric bypass or something.