Im 5"4" I weigh 97 lbs. is that over weight?

Answer you are an idiot.

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What should your weight be if you're 11 years old and 5'2'' and weigh 136 lbs and want to lose weight really bad?

work out 4 like an hour or 30 minutes a day do this 4 a week or 2 and thoes lbs will shed off I think you should do lots of exercise, but make sure you do a variety of things. like for the first da... Read More »

Im 5'11 and weigh 110 should i lose weight?

no you fine the way you are[but your a little under weight] in fact you can kick kim jong ills *** allthe way from pyongyang 2 gwantanomo bay.

Im 13 and I weigh 122 lbs. and im 5foot. Am i over weight?

No. You're not. You can look at all these websites and they'll all tell you different things. One website told me I should be 149 pounds and I was 5'5" at the time. Another told me I should be ... Read More »

How much weight should a 6 year old weigh?

Well, i am not exactly sure, but my little brother is 7, ( he just turned 7, 2 weeks ago, so i still think he weighs about as much as a six-year-old) and hes about 70 pounds.Hope I Helped!