I'm 24 and i never drank alcohol, strange?

Answer Thats very very good!Alchohol is poison to ones body and causes numerous health problems and leads to death for many many people....some people start drinking to meet people and to feel more outgoi... Read More »

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I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?

you should be fine:)just do not take depressants and alcohol together.

I never drink energy drinks but I just drank one and now..?

Wait it out. I never drink them either when I do I feel the same.

Is it unusual for an 18 year old to have never drank beer?

No it just means you have your head on straight and know what is more important, your life in the long-term instead of short-term present partying. But there is nothing wrong if you change your mind.

How will it affect you if you drank alcohol at age 13?

Moderate alcohol consumption - and I do mean moderate - will do you no harm at all. Best stick to beer or - avoid spirits, especially tequila - and you'll be fine.