I'm 23 and I smoke a lot of pot and I'm on Zoloft....when will my head explode?

Answer I worked community mental health and drug rehab for a number of years. Pot is the number one cause of addiction and addiction related problems (physical illness, mental illness, loss of everything... Read More »

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My head always feels like its going to explode?

three words hun.... stress overload & are not a robot and can not do everything and are not responsible for sound run dow... Read More »

How to Detect a Head Gasket From White Smoke With Low Coolant?

If your vehicle suddenly puts out a lot of white smoke from the exhaust or constantly uses excess amounts of engine coolant, chances are you have a bad head gasket on your hands. Head gaskets help ... Read More »

Does anyone remember a TV programme from the sixties about a robot who wanted to be a man who died at the end with smoke pouring from his head as he said I am man?

No. The current doctor is David Tennant, to be replaced by Matt Smith in 2010.

How to Smoke Out Head Lights & Tail Lights?

To give your headlights and taillights a smoke color you will need to tint the light covers with gray or smoke colored window tint. The process is simple, inexpensive and not time consuming. You pu... Read More »