Im 21, Is it okay to have a DRINK infront of my Mom ....?

Answer You are legal for drinking, right? It's okay to have a drink with her, and show her you can be a responsible drinker by not getting drunk. So, have ONE drink only, or maybe two, but have the seco... Read More »

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Do you fart infront of people?

The only people i will fart in front of are my family. I would never do it in public then again once i did have a bad stomach and was in Morrison's i had to let it go it was too painful to hold in.... Read More »

How to Sing Infront of Group of People?

Lots of people are scared at first, but you can face up to your fears.

Your doing 40mph in your car, on a town road, and a dog runs out infront of you?

You should only be doing 30mph in town. So you should slow down to the legal limit.

When we sit for long hours infront of the computer we develop cancer?

No you can not develope cancer because of this at all.