I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?

Answer I would say no, but without your height it is hard to tell. Also, determining if someone is fat takes more than the numbers. If you are an athlete then you may have a higher percentage of muscles... Read More »

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Is it normal if you are 12 years old and weigh 118 pounds and you look skinny and everyone says so but you weigh a lot?

AnswerIf you're eating right, exercising right and in reasonable health, don't worry about it. Unfortunately, today's entertainment media is focusing a lot on body image. Just be grateful that you'... Read More »

What if you are 12 years old and weigh about 198 lbs?

Overweight ChildrenBy Leah Davies, M.Ed.With childhood obesity on the rise for both boys and girls, this children's health problem should be of concern to educators. According to the United States ... Read More »

Im 5'5 and 17 years old how much should i weigh?

115-120 would be a great weight for a person who is 5'5.

How Much Should I Weigh at 12 Years Old?

By definition, ergonomic equipment is engineered to fit the user and relieve fatigue and discomfort. If you want to reduce strain on your body during your workout, you may wish to invest in an ergo... Read More »