Im 20 years old and been smoking cigarette's for 6 years, every morning I cough up black stuff what is it?

Answer Not only is it tar but the debris from the dirty air that you breathe. The cilia in your interior nose cells have been compromised for a less nutricious toxin, SMOKE! as well as carbon monoxide.Con... Read More »

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I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help?

As a victim of a silent heart attack - Go ahead and go to an Emergency Room and get checked out. Heart attacks don't always come in the Fred Sanford variety. Let someone else drive.It's far far bet... Read More »

What happens if you eat a lot of pickled stuff for years?

Your urine, sweat even your body odor will smell acidic like vinegar

Hi I am 15 years old and I have smoked 120.5 smokes, 78 being cigarettes, 18 being cigarillos and 22.5 cigars?

if you just quit and u will never do it again i dont think it wil do much damage since u are 15 years old u made the right choice in stopping

Masturbating-White Stuff- 11 Years question ?

Hey xeon001 maybe you should get YOUR parents to teach you about sex. Because WOMEN DO NOT PRODUCE SPERM. To answer the question: yes, your sister is still a virgin. The white stuff is vaginal secr... Read More »