I'm 19 years old and I do nothing but smoke weed all day, is that bad for me?

Answer hell no!

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Is it really that bad to smoke weed?

you will only get cancer if cancer runs in your family, but the chances of you getting cancer from marijuana would still be incredibly low.-also to the ignorant person above me, it has been disprov... Read More »

Should i tell the surgeon that i smoke weed?

Yes, just tell him. Most doctors don't care... some of them smoke it themselves!!

My mom recently found out that i smoke weed and im trying to tell her why i shouldn't be in troble for it?

Because it's not alcohol, its not "i'm/my girlfriend is pregnant", it's not crack, its just a magical little plant that makes living life a little easier.

How do I go about telling my parents I smoke and smoke weed?

Just walk up to them and say:" Mom, Dad, I have made the decision to harm my body. I, despite knowing that it will most likely lead to my slow and painful death, have decided that I have grown up... Read More »