I'm 18 and in college... should I get a credit card?

Answer You can no longer get a credit card until the age of 21 without a cosigner, unless you can prove that you make great income at a steady job -- this was one of the new credit laws passed in Feb. 201... Read More »

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How good should your credit be to get a victoria's secret credit card?

To obtain a Victoria's Secret credit card, you should have a clean credit record with no recent negative history, meaning no consistent history of late payments or missing payments on other cards. ... Read More »

How Much Credit Card Credit Should You Carry?

For 2010 only, the original cost basis in the inherited property carries over from the decedent to the heir, unless the fair market value at the time of death is less than the original cost. Non-sp... Read More »

Should I get a new credit card to improve my credit score?

On One Hand: Can Help Improve ScoreOpening a new credit card account will raise the amount of available credit to you. As long as you do not use too much of your new credit, it can lower your debt ... Read More »

Best Credit Card for College Students?

The MTVU card is made especially for college students and gives discounts and points at lots of stores and movie theaters. It isn't that hard to get and if you pay off your balance each month the i... Read More »