I'm 18 and getting braces for the first time. What color should I get?

Answer well a few considerations should be acknowledged, 1st over millions of american teens have braces, and get them per year. secondly consider yourself fortunate because whomever is paying can afford ... Read More »

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Im getting braces soon what color should i get is it gonna be painfull?

I got my braces on on February 14th, it didn't hurt AT ALL! The "procedure" of getting them on is painless. The only pain there is happens AFTER a day of having them on. Your teeth get SUPER sore/t... Read More »

I might be getting braces soon and i was wondering what color i should get i was thinking aqua an purple.?

Purple and Green...very cute!!! Good luck with the braces. :)

What should I eat tomarrow; i'm getting braces?

anything sticky, sugary, hard that will be prohibited (or painful to eat) once you get your braces onthink of your fav foods and eatdont worry about being completely full tho, dont stuff yourself b... Read More »

I'm getting braces what colors should i get?