I'm 17 and my boss made me work for 9 hours on Sunday. Is this legal (in NYS)?

Answer Sounds like a couple of violations there. Here is a breakdown for you.…

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My boss saw me using MySpace at work during working hours. How can I repair the damage made to my reputation?

tell him you were just cleaning it up to move to facebookyour rep should be totally ok then

I am a bus driver and my boss wants me to attend a safety meeting after driving almost 6 hours is this legal?

Take a snack, but you need to show up for the safety meeting. We had safety meetings all the time in the Military, man up.

Why is undercover boss taking up CSI-Miami's slot on Sunday night?

Is it legal for a 12 year old to stay home with a 5 year old sibling and no adult supervision for 8-10 hours a day while the parents work?

Answer It depends on what State you live.  In Canada 12 years of age is legal to look after children younger than yourself.  However 8 - 10 hour days is a big weight on a 12 year old and you shou... Read More »