I'm 16 years old with wrist pain?

Answer get vitamins for bones like it might say osteo on the bottle or something. (osteo means bone) and dont play so much video games.The one we have says osteomatrix on it and it has vitamin d3, vitamin... Read More »

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Hand pain first with wrist and now arms What could it be?

You definitely need to give your hands & arms a break. Painkillers will not prevent long-term damage, so they aren't a solution. Also, give yourself a more ergonomic setup & try some speech-to-text... Read More »

18 Years old with lower back pain?

you just were in the wrong position I don't mean bending over just something was off happens all the time I am very strong and was pushing my fridge (on wheels) and was gliding right along and I hu... Read More »

Wrist pain/?

I'd wondered if I'd see you again before I left here, because I've seen at you R & P before. I remembered you being a Christian guy like myself if I remember right too. Anyway to get to my point, s... Read More »

Pain in my right wrist?

Believe me, it is never stupid to go to a doctor.Even for a small thing, doctor are there to help you and he will tell you how to take care of your wrist.don't worry and go to talk with your doctor... Read More »