I'm 16 years old, is it fine to drink a beer once in a while?

Answer If it is part of your culture and you parents 'approve' then yes only if you are with them, perhaps a bithday dinner etc.Dune

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Is it ok for a 14 year old to drink a little every once in a while?

Nope because you know as well as anyone else that it won't end up as just enough to get a buzz.And, your chances of being an alcoholic triple if you drink before you're brain is developed fully (21... Read More »

How to Drink Beer While Running a Marathon?

There are other drinkers out there!Marathons are challenging and for some people require months of training. Part of this training is eating healthy and removing alcohol from their diet. For some o... Read More »

I drink beer but want to lose there a way....with out not drinking beer..,.?

CUT-BACK a lot, 10 beers a night will keep that beer belly. eat more fruits/veggies/whole grains. and exercise with your girlfriend.

I haven't had a beer for 14 it time for a beer?

Depends, why haven't you? if its just because you are a recovering alcoholic then no. other wise yes enjoy a nice brew.