Im 16 and severely underweight help?

Answer stfu and eat a burger

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How do I help being underweight?

Eat carbs that have a low glycemic index. Foods like oatmeal, rice (not the minute white rice), 100% whole wheat breads. They digest and absorb slower but don't spike your insulin like sugary fast ... Read More »

HELP PLEASE!!!!!! ...Am i underweight how i can increase weight?

yes, you should eat alot more protein (ie: hard boiled eggs, tuna fish, poultry), and go work'll bulk up on muscles which will make you look a lot bigger...not to mention healthier.

Help! I dyed my hair yesterday and now it itches SEVERELY bad! How to i get it to stop!?

The skin on your head is very sensitive, and putting chemicals onto your head can irritate your skin.Was it bleach? Bleach and some other dyes possibly have ingredients such as "nonoxynol-9" which ... Read More »

Am i underweight?

nah actually you are fine where you are, but you can add a pound or two more.