I'm 16 and only a 34A. Is there still time for them to grow or is this it?

Answer They can and probably will still grow. I'm 20. In high school I was a 34B. When I was a senior 17/18 yrs old, I grew to a 36C. I'm 20 and now I'm a 36D. So yeah, they grow. Don't worry if they don'... Read More »

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I'm 43 and my penis is only 5" long. Is there a chance that it will still grow some more?

if I pair my 7" to your 5" then we got ourselves a footlongSubway anyone?

I have two computers. At this time I only have internet access to one of them. How do I connect the other one?

you want to get a router. Wireless tends to be the easier thing these days, but you need a router nonetheless. And you will be able to have internet on both computers..hell even up to as many as yo... Read More »

On my compter there are two audio-out ports, but I can only listen to sound from only one port at a time?

They are not designed for what you intend.…

B/$: Nas Is The Only Rapper From His Time Still Making Classic Albums?

sell . life is good was trash and nas is a sell out it pains me to say this but ill smack him