Im 16 and im pregnent, do u think this is wise?

Answer Considering you can not even spell advise correctly, I am going to have to say no. Also, its PREGNANT, not pregnent. BTW: Your previous questions say you are 13 and they were asked 3 weeks ago. How... Read More »

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Massive medical insurance companies: Can you think of anyone so wise, benevolent, and caring?

Fashion wise, is this 2012 or 1970?

Please help me what could this be mental wise?

To me it sounds like you have Schizophrenia, when you hear or see things that are just in your head. And bipolar. It's okay. Me and my dad both have bipolar. We don't take meds though.

What happens insurance wise and point wise in Florida if you get two tickets in less than a year but the second ticket is for under 10 miles over the limit?

==Answer==Moving violations probably are equal as far as earning points. Your insurance will go up as the insurance company reviews your policy...often that is at renewal, or can be at random times... Read More »