I'm 16, and I want to put a blonde streak in my hair, but I'm a guy?

Answer why not? you can always dye it back if you don't like it.

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If my hair is dyed red, and I wanted to put a blonde streak in it without bleaching...?

the cosmotologist is right if you want a blonde streak you cant make it blonde without using bleach which isnt good so i suggest going and getting a blonde highlight done at a salon my hair is dye... Read More »

How to Dye a Blonde Streak?

An exciting hairstyle today is to have a blond streak dyed into your hair. This is a great look for people with hair of any color. To achieve this fashion-forward hairstyle just follow these steps.... Read More »

Unique Blonde Streak Ideas?

Your hair color can be a testament and demonstration of your own personal style and personality. It can separate you from looking the same as everyone else. Unique blonde streaks can be added to yo... Read More »

Dark blonde hair with old light blonde streaks, or color darker over it all?

Blonde with light blonde streaks. As we get older, we have to go lighter and shorter. I have always had long or medium length dark brown hair but I went short with hightlights last month and, my Go... Read More »