I'm 15 years old. Can I buy syrup of ipecac without a perscription?

Answer You can buy ipecac without a prescription. It is not a controlled substance. You should be able to get it from any pharmacy, Walmart, or even grocery stores that have an pharmacy section. There is ... Read More »

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Are ipecac tablets and ipecac syrup same thing?

What is syrup of ipecac indicated for?

Syrup of ipecac is sometimes used to treat accidental poisonings. It is a liquid medication that can purchased without a prescription. If a poisoning occurs, syrup of ipecac is ingested to induce v... Read More »

Has anyone got any ipecac syrup i can have or buy?

Syrup of ipecac has been pulled from the floor due to abuse. It is no longer available.

If I use ipecac syrup?

lol this is funny. well, ipecac is typically designed to be effective for only about 20-30 mins, so if you want to make it look like your sick, take it in the hospital's parking lot. i wouldn't adv... Read More »