I'm 15 years old. Can I buy syrup of ipecac without a perscription?

Answer You can buy ipecac without a prescription. It is not a controlled substance. You should be able to get it from any pharmacy, Walmart, or even grocery stores that have an pharmacy section. There is ... Read More »

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Are ipecac tablets and ipecac syrup same thing?

Ipecac syrup?

If I use ipecac syrup?

lol this is funny. well, ipecac is typically designed to be effective for only about 20-30 mins, so if you want to make it look like your sick, take it in the hospital's parking lot. i wouldn't adv... Read More »

Ipecac syrup please!?

Why do you need to vomit so badly? Most people would only keep that in case of emergency and wouldnt see any need to buy in advance. Sounds like you are either planning on pranking a friend (which ... Read More »