Im 15, i love to party and get drunk. is this bad?

Answer I'd say it's pretty normal in the sense that you're going to end up like all those other college sluts that get drunk at parties and have sex with random strangers (if you ARE going to college, tha... Read More »

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How to Have Fun at a Party Where Everyone Is Getting Drunk?

Being stuck with drunks at a party can be an awful experience, but if you look at the bright side, it can actually be funAll your mates are drunk having a great time, and you're not drinking and bo... Read More »

Is it a sin to get drunk and party?

Not on the surface, unless you throw in "whoring" with that party

What are some tips to not get drunk at a party?

Hmm well if you aren't interested in not drinking or getting new friends that will respect your decision not to get plastered, I would suggest just nursing a drink for awhile. I don't think they c... Read More »

Fun party music to dance drunk to?

Steve Aoki - Earthquakey People…Beat Freakz - Somebody's watching me (Club mix)…Ryan Leslie - You're not my girlh... Read More »