Im 15 and pregnant can you get help to have your own place?

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What should you do if you get pregnant with an IUD in place?

See your doctor and he/she will remove it. This can possibly cause a miscarriage - but leaving it in place can cause other serious problems.

What does the government do for you if you are 17 and pregnant and have no place to go?

At 17 you are still a minor and your parents responsibility and they are financially obligated to support you. What your state can provide depends on where you live but this what some of our contri... Read More »

Is there any place where homeless pregnant teens can go?

there is a place in CA called Mary's Shelter. I read about it on google because im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant and if i am, my parents already said they would kick me out of my house since it... Read More »

What is a pregnant nineteen year old to do when she has no place to go and no money?

I know it seems hard and it is, but you WILL get through it. There are alot of things the govt. does to help pregnant women such as insurance, WIC(money from them to buy milk,cheese,baby food), etc... Read More »