I'm 15 and i hate being short. is it possible that i can still grow?

Answer It might be possible...get alot of sleep because you grow in your sleep...make sure you get a lot of calcium drink a glass of milk a day or something its good for you lol

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Is it still possible for me to grow taller?

Assuming you are a woman,Tips from a grow-tall Doctor with copy-right: -The average range of genetic adult-height of a 14-year-2-month old, 5'1" girl, is about 5'1" to 5'4" tall.Part of the extract... Read More »

If "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder",then why do I still hate my boss after chugging a whole bottle of it?

Don't make fun of me, you thilly perthon! ;)((((((((((Noltelithiouth))))))))))

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Is it possible that I'm still drunk Is it hangover?

No way one shot is going to do all of that not even to a person with low alcohol enzyme count. The best explanation is you are sick from a cold virus.