Im 14...does smoking weed help you loose weight?

Answer no it doesn't burn calories, why the hell would it burn calories?

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Does smoking help loose weight?

nicotine is an appetite suppresant but also highly addictive, expensive, makes you smell horrible, makes you not be able to smell how horrible you smell, messes your whole body up by removing oxyge... Read More »

Will smoking help me loose weight!?

By losing that right lung, you'll lose about 2 pounds.

Does smoking weed make you lose weight?

no...not if they are doing other drugs then yes...or if they are addicted to weed then yes....but generally no weed doesnt make you lose weight....crack does!

Twitching after smoking weed help !?

Weed aka Marijuana is not and alternative medicine. You have this in the wrong section. It is a drug of addiction. It affects your central nervous system. Firstly it affects your brain which sends ... Read More »