I'm 14 years old and very

Answer Aww... Start out like this- walk briskly for 30 minutes a day. You really have to cut back on the fatty intake. Replace ice cream with yogurt. Try those special k chips, they're good. When you want... Read More »

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Is it very unhealthy for your 2.5 years old to throw up when he cries too much?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

Ok about 13 years ago I was anally raped severally. I now have hemorrhoids that are very pronounced.?

I may have a large fissure that is why it's hurts so much. Use a stool softener it will ease the pain and help with the healing you can find them over the counter talk to the pharmacist about which... Read More »

My mother is 67 and diabetic for 30 years.She is feeling very tired now.What health capsule can be given?

As a diabetic of six years, and trying just about everything there is, I've found that the best health capsule is a really healthy, natural foods based diet and plenty of moderate daily exercise.

I have a computer thats 10 years old, it is running very slowly these days, should i reinstall OS?

10 years old? Probably runing windows 98? I'd put up some cash and buy a cheap $300 computer, old computers like to die and you could lose all your data. For now, reinstalling the OS could help if ... Read More »