I'm 14 what is it like having sex for the first time, is it painful?

Answer You're way too young! Please wait a few more years. And yes, it is painful.

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What are ways to make sex less painful for a girl when its her first time?

Lots of lubeComplete relxationTons of foreplayOralSlowly insert penis after all of this

Is it time when you are 38 weeks and having irregular but painful contractions?

Yes. If you think thats what it is! Anywhere from 30+ weeks means your ready, and can start any moment.

Is it true that giving birth is more painful than getting hit in the balls(excluding the total time)?

I have painful bowel movements, any tips on how to make them less painful without meds or anything?

Your doctor lied to you. . . that's not normal. Drink plenty of water and change your diet. You need to put more fiber in your diet like whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, etc. Cut out or down on... Read More »