I'm 14, is it normal for me to think about sex all the time?

Answer It is normal to think about sex a lot. Your body is going through changes and your hormones are a little crazy around the teenage years. You just have to be smart about everything you do. It's g... Read More »

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I havent had sex in about one year and i no longer even think about sex, is this normal?

Most definitely. Your hormones are starting to taper and you'll go through a phase where sex just isn't that interesting.Don't worry though, once you hit about 32 or 33 your hormones will surge and... Read More »

Im 13 and always think about sex is this normal?

Is it normal for a 16 year old virgin girl to think about sex a lot but sort of get grossed out by it too?

yeah it's perfectly normal a lot of people have moments in life where there mind thinks of sex evn if they don't want to it's part of being a teenager trust me i know I'm a 15 yr. old virgin boy wi... Read More »

Is it normal to worry about pregnancy every time after sex?

If you're not ready for it you probably will feel that way. As you get older and are ready for it, that feeling goes away.