I'm 14 and don't have a Facebook?

Answer No there is nothing wrong in not wanting FB.Be your own person and don't be pressurised into something you don't want to do.Most of FB is a load porkies anyway and what is put up is tantamount toa ... Read More »

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Does anybody have a old facebook they dont use?

transferring ownership of an account is against the rules, and facebook would be able to detect it being transferred, then they would just lock it like your other accounts, which were probably lock... Read More »

Is it sad if you dont have a facebook account?

You know what is sad? People wasting hours a day sharing their meaningless crap on facebook.

I dont open my facebook?

I don't either. We have a lot in common!I like you! If you are a girl, will you marry me?Why don't you just delete this question...

Is there another facebook status game i dont know about?

its this:This is hilarious!!!! Please Don't spoil the fun, and keep it goingPick the month you were born:January-------I kickedFebruary------I lovedMarch----------I karate choppedApril------------I... Read More »