I'm 14 Years Old and going into 9th Grade, Am I wearing too much makeup?

Answer You know, no one can ever tell you that you are wearing too much makeup for your age. Aslong as you feel confident & happy, thats all that should matter. If you wanna wear blue eyeshadow, go for it... Read More »

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Im going to 6th grade when do u think i should start wearing makeup and how much?

All I let my daughter do is a little eyeshadow and lipgloss, nothing else...nothing bright either..

Makeup for going into eighth grade?

I have brown eyes too, we're lucky cause we can wear pretty much any color on our eyes :) At my school it didn't really matter, some days I'd wear like bright blue eyeshadow, some liner, and a litt... Read More »

I feel ugly! im 5'6 120 lbs 13 years old blonde hair blue eyes and im going into 7th grade!?

Being beautiful is all about confidence. To be completely honest, everyone has issues with themselves. To other people, they probably don't see what you see. I would suggest wearing clothes that en... Read More »

Is 11 years old too young to be wearing makeup?

I think it is way too early. Wait till you get to high school.