I'm 14 Years Old and going into 9th Grade, Am I wearing too much makeup?

Answer You know, no one can ever tell you that you are wearing too much makeup for your age. Aslong as you feel confident & happy, thats all that should matter. If you wanna wear blue eyeshadow, go for it... Read More »

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Is 11 years old too young to be wearing makeup?

I think it is way too early. Wait till you get to high school.

What age/grade should you start wearing makeup?

in high schoolyou shouldn't ruin your face to early

Im going to 6th grade when do u think i should start wearing makeup and how much?

All I let my daughter do is a little eyeshadow and lipgloss, nothing else...nothing bright either..

Do you girls start wearing makeup in sixth grade?

i sorta do my grama did in 6 stupid bright blue