I'm 14 Years Old I Need A Job Any Options?

Answer Oh come on that's easy. Your only 14 so start off with simple jobs such as Brushing up hair at the hairdressers going to takeaways and posting their flyers for them vacuuming or cleaning a shop

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If you're 16 years old and live in Alabama and your girlfriend is 15 years old and 7 months pregnant what are your legal options if your mother will not give consent for marriage but hers will?

Answer None. Alabama does have an early emancipation statute, Alabama Code Title 26-Chapter 13. However, it only applies to minors who are over the age of 18, as the age of majority for the state ... Read More »

In need of more hairdos options!!!!?

you could still wear your hair in a ponytail but straightened or you could have your hair in a ponytail with a nice hairband. You can look up different braids on youtube and that will make your hai... Read More »

My Car Options in "Need for Speed: Carbon" on the PC?

In Need for Speed: Carbon, gamers street race to determine who rules the roads. Gamers choose from a variety of cars and then customize them to make them as fast as possible. Three car types are av... Read More »

I need decoration options for candyland?

the peppermint forest. red/white streamers, cookies, do candy canes sticks, red/white balloons. cute!