I'm 14, 5'2, 121lbs,and my bra size is 36DD, Is that normal?

Answer You are normal. Think about how many Koreans there are in the world. Your not all going to be the same. I think your lucky to have large breasts and not large hands or an oversized head.

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My bottom lip is a little bit bigger then my top lip, is that normal or are they suppose to be the same size?

What is the printer paper size setting called that is the normal, most used setting?

Computer printers have a feature known as the default paper size, set for the most common type of printing paper in a particular region. For example, the default paper size for the United States is... Read More »

I wear a size 15 shoe at 12 years old is that normal what do you think I'll wear when I get older?

well that is ab- normal but dont worry your shoe size will most likely not get much bigger as you grow older the most reasonable explination for this is that your feet have grown faster than your b... Read More »

And when I record a video it doesn't do it normal all I hear is noises and lenses moving is that normal?

"hear is noises and lenses moving"... normal for a dSLR using auto focus, yes. It is in the manual.Resolution is to use an external mic, preferably using an external audio recorder rather that the ... Read More »